mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Teenage Shutdown #8-She'll Hurt You In The End - CD (Teenage Shutdown, 1998)

Teener Garage Explosion Volume 2!
1 The Four Fifths - She'll Hurt You In The End (Manhattan, NY, U.S.A.)
2 The Gee Tee's - Dog (Smyrna, GA, U.S.A.)
3 Three From Three - That's What I Say (TN, U.S.A.)
4 The Nightcaps - Tell My Baby (Manchester, MO, U.S.A.)
5 The Marauders - Nightmare (Saginaw, MI, U.S.A.)
6 The IV Pack - Whatzit? (Danville, VA, U.S.A.)
7 The King Bees - I Want My Baby (NC, U.S.A.)
8 The Few - Why Oh Why (Wilmette, IL, U.S.A.)
9 The Wee Four - Weird (Rochester, NY, U.S.A.)
10 The Quest's - I'm Tempted (Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.)
11 The Soothsayers - Black Nor Blue (Greeley, CO, U.S.A.)
12 The Levis - That's Not The Way (Milton, MA, U.S.A.)
13 The Corals - Red Eye Glasses (Roselle, IL, U.S.A.)
14 The Ascots - Who Will It Be (Pontiac, MI, U.S.A.)
15 The Sting Rays - Shaggy Dog (Rochester, MN, U.S.A.)
16 The Weejuns - Way Down (U.S.A.)
17 The Actioneers - No One Wants Me (Houston, TX, U.S.A.)
18 The Chevron's V - I Lost You Today (Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.)

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  2. Thanks to this type of sharing Tim W. might not see the need to continue this series as is rumored. Why sink your $$$$ and time into a new volume when others will just give it away?

  3. Thanks, most of these are unavailable.

  4. @WESTEX I like to think that most of the Caveman's visitors have a pretty serious commitment to 60s garage, and thus record collecting. I personally own all the TEENAGE SHUTDOWNs on LP, as well as a lot of the other comps on this site. That's not the point here, though. You fail to see that, in an incredibly generous, friendly, and consistent manner, this young Caveman has done us all the favor of ripping these things to mp3 so we don't have to do it. He exposes us to more OOP comps to track down, too, and fills gaps where we can't; I'd personally been searching for "Houston Hallucinations" for a decade until he posted it. Your charges are misguided, make no mistake: if a new TxSx comes out, "Tim W." don't need to worry, the true garage freaks will buy it whether or not internet narcs close sharing sites. But really I'm not anxious about "Tim W.'s" feelings or bank ledger -- what about the 60s bands all of us listen to who get NO ROYALTIES or "CRED" in spite of the unfailing reissuing of 45s from creeps like CRYPT records? The good comps sometimes do good research on the bands, but even then it's clear SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE MUSICIANS IS GETTING $$$ and credit for simply being a record dork. But anyways I have nothing but thanks to Caveman for sharing all this history!