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Reuploads Pt 3-4

REQUESTS  PT.4 (2009)
va - Texas Punk #3 [The Sights And Sounds Of An Era].rar
va - Texas Punk #4 [Dallas Psychedelic Gold From The 60's].rar
va - Texas Punk #5 [Journey To Pharaoh's Valley With The Headstones!].rar
va - Texas Punk #6 [Dallas, 1966].rar
va - Texas punk #7 [featuring the briks & the chaparrals].rar
va - Texas Punk #8 [Featuring The Briks & The Basement Wall].rar
va - Texas Punk #9.rar
va - Texas punk 1966 #1.rar
va - Texas Punk 1966 #2 [Music From...The Outer Limits!].rar
va - Texas punk 1966 #10 - with s.j. & the crossroads!!.rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 1 (antar).rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 2.rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 3.rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 4.rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 5.rar
va - Texas Flashbacks Vol. 6.rar
va - cicadelic sixties vol.2 - Out Of Order.rar (LP serie)
va - cicadelic sixties vol.3 - Don't Put Me On!.rar
va - cicadelic sixties vol.4 - never existed !.rar
va - cicadelic sixties vol.5 - 1966 Revisited.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection1-cd 1.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection1-cd 2.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection1-cd 3.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection2-cd 1.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection2-cd 2.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection2-cd 3.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection3-cd 1.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection3-cd 2.rar
va - acid visions-complete collection3-cd 3.rar

REQUESTS  PT.3 (2009)
va - who will buy these wonderful evils vol 2.rar
va - Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils Vol.3.rar
va - Messa Dei Giovani.rar
va - swinging mademoiselles vol 1.rar
va - swinging mademoiselles vol 2.rar
va - New England teen scene (cd el diablo).rar
va - New England teen scene 65-68.rar
va - garage beat in Florence.rar
va - oracolo (2lp,1988).rar
va - Ricorda Con Rabbia.rar
va - fiori e colori.rar
va - Wild Things #2.rar
va - Wild things (wild kiwi garage 1966-69).rar
va - acid dreams vol.1.rar
va - acid dreams vol.2.rar
va - acid dreams vol.3.rar
va - allentown anglophile.rar
va - Dutch beat explosion!.rar
va - mondo girls.rar
va - washington d.c ( garage bands greats ).rar
va - acid visions vol.1 (lp).rar
va - acid visions vol.2 (lp).rar
va - gamma knee kappa.rar
va - hang it out to dry! - 16 roughneck rompers.rar
va - Riot City.rar
va - suburban life.rar
va - what a way to die.rar
va - it's a kave-in (lp).rar
va - what's the use.rar
va - songs we taught the fuzztones.rar
va - austin landing 1.rar
va - austin landing 2.rar
va - bad vibrations vol.1.rar
va - bad vibrations vol.2.rar
va - bad vibrations vol.3.rar
va - stasera shake vol.1.rar
va - stasera shake vol.2.rar
va - Stasera Shake vol.3.rar
va - texas flashback vol.1- dallas.rar
va - gathering on the tribe.rar

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367 ha detto...

many thanks!!

Mitch Seiser ha detto...
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Mitch Seiser ha detto...

Link for "Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils 1" CD2 is still broken.
Too, Vol.4 would be great,
A f****n' BIG BIG LOAD of THANXXX for all these wonderful re-ups

caveman78 ha detto...

va - who will buy these wonderful evils vol 1-cd2.rar