martedì 29 novembre 2016

Reuploads Pt 6

REQUESTS  PT.6 (  2011)
va - beat e derivati.rar
va - best of vedette vol 1.rar
va - introvabile beat.rar
va - PIPER - CD.rar
va - PIPER MUSIC.rar
va - shake & Co.rar
va - before birdmen flew vol.4.rar
va - get the picture (1964-72).rar
va - grab this and dance!!.rar
va - i love you gorgo.rar
va - I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD.rar
va - It's A Go-Go World!.rar
va - it's finking time.rar
va - les caves and rebiffent.rar
va - los demonios del rock.rar
va - searchin' for shakes (swedish beat 65-68).rar
va - steam kodok-LP.rar
va - the best of texas flashback.rar
va - The Best Of Twist-a-Rama.rar
va - the polaris records story - 27 boss tracks from boston's legendary '60s label.rar
va - The Tucson Sound 1960-68-think of the good times! cd.rar

3 commenti:

DAVE SHARRATT ha detto...

hi just wondered if you had the 3 cd volumes of devils children. cheers

Pete Cost ha detto...

I would love some info about your uploads so we'd know what to expect.
I mean part 6 of re-uploads is about Italian rock?
Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

tkeys47 ha detto...

Could Reupload The History Of Texas Garage Vol 1 if you have it