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Feeling High - CD (Big Beat, 2012)

The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis
1–Sealing Smoke Rubber Rapper
2–The Honey Jug For Your Love
3–Changin' Tymes  Blue Music Box
4–The Knowbody Else  Secret Storm
5–Triple X Spare Me
6–The Wallabys Holy Days
7–Greg McCarley Shoo Shoo Shoo Fly
8–Changin' Tymes Hark The Child
9–The Poor Little Rich Kids Come On Along And Dream
10–The Goatdancers Eat Me Alive
11–Greg McCarley Crazy Man's Woman
12–Judy Bramlett Deja Vu
13–The Knowbody Else  Free Singer's Island
14–The Wallabys  Feeling High
15–Triple X  Rockin' In The Same Old Boat
16–The Poor Little Rich Kids I Need Love
17–Mother Roses Ticket To Ride
18–David Mitchell  Ogden
19–Greg McCarley If You're Thinking
20–The Wallabys  Old Man Of Time
21–The Goatdancers We're In Town
22–The 1st Century  Dancing Girl
23–The Knowbody Else Flying Horse Of Louisiana (Live)24–The Goatdancers Goatdancers Advert (Spoken Word)

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