mercoledì 31 dicembre 2008

Texas Punk #5 [Journey To Pharaoh's Valley With The Headstones!] Cicadelic, 1985

Side 1
1 The Headstones - Wish She Were Mine
2 The Headstones - 24 Hours (Everyday)
3 The Headstones - Bad Day Blues
4 Christopher & The Souls - Diamonds, Rats, And Gum
5 The Cavaliers - Congregation For Anti-Flirts, Inc.
6 The Cavaliers - Pride

Side 2
1 The Headstones - My Kind Of Girl
2 The Playboys Of Edinburg - Wish You Had A Heart
3 The Playboys Of Edinburg - Look At Me Girl
4 The Playboys Of Edinburg - News Sure Travels Fast
5 Jeanne Hatfield - My Babe
6 The Cavaliers - Sea Weed

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caveman78 ha detto...

Sorry friends!rapidshare is SHIT. In this days i repost all volumes with Mediafire.

esmenard.victor ha detto...

If you want, I can reupload vol 6 to 10, as I just downloaded from you.

You'll just have to care of vol. 1 to 5 :)

Let me know

esmenard.victor ha detto...

Sorry, and thank you to all your efforts

YankeeBoy ha detto...

You can also use Sharebee which posts to 4 different sites and is free and easy.

caveman78 ha detto...

ok Esmenard, thanx:)

esmenard.victor ha detto...

Uploading now ;)

caveman78 ha detto...

frumious bandersnatch ha detto...

thanks in advance, Caveman, mediafire is a very good solution.

frumious bandersnatch ha detto...

and thanks to esmenard.victor for alternate links !!!

callmekc ha detto...

I'm sorry for the Rapidshare issues, Caveman. Mediafire is working out better I hope. Thanks for the great music, excellent way to ring in the new year. Happy New Year!

Davide ha detto...

Grandissime compilation quelle della Cicadelic.
Anche ne possiedo un paio di quelle che hai postato.
Saluti da Cervia beach

ELecTRik ha detto...

WOW! Caveman's back to business with a vengeance! And what a Christmas gift for us garageheads! Upload wherever you like (even RS is cool when it works), but please keep on rocking. Many thanks and a happy new year!

David ha detto...

I was the drummer in 1966 for Christopher and The Souls as featured on Pharoah's Valley CD.
Still have a copy of the 45 rpm record that we cut. Had a lot of
fun in those days. Glad to see folks still enjoy garage band music of the era.
- David Lott (

sexisdisgusting ha detto...

You're blog is amazing. thank you

cuorediformaggio ha detto...

dear paradise,
first of all thank you very much for the good stuff that you keep on offering.
Then I have a little problem: I cannot get texas punk vol.5: mediafire tells that there is an error (-412).
Could you re-up the file, please?
Let me know.

MIInsane??? ha detto...

Any chance of a re-up on this one? It says that the folder is empty.

Perineum ha detto...

I'm having the same problem - mediafire saying the folder is empty.

Any chance of a re-up?

cheers - this is a fantastic blog

Astrozombie ha detto...

h caveman, i love your blog, that's my style, 6ties forever, thank you very muc for that work and good stuff of music, please go on - Martin

ps.s could you repost "Texas Punk #5 [Journey To Pharaoh's Valley With The Headstones!] Cicadelic, 1985"
and "Texas Punk #6 [Dallas, 1966] Cicadelic, 1986"????ßß?? the link doesn't work Thanx!!!

MIInsane??? ha detto...

These are all available on my blog: