lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Highlights In The Lowlands - LP (Kick, 1998)

18 Cool & Rare Dutch Sixties Beatpunk Killers!
Side 1
1 Nou & - Like My Dear Cigarette
2 Wo?w - Love Is Gone
3 The Gamblers - Fighting And Crying
4 Attention! - Change Your Mind
5 4PK - Down And Out
6 The Rolling Beats - Sweeter Than You
7 The Chums - You're The Sweetest Girl
8 The Riats - Run Run Run
9 St. John & The Crew - You Belong To Me

Side 2
1 The Elements - You Won The Score
2 Jumping Pop-In - If You Like
3 The Frogs Ltd. - The Man On The Cloud
4 The Nameless - Love Time
5 The Swift Electrics - Hotdog
6 Nicky & The Shouts - It's Time
7 The Peps - I Found Out
8 John Hatton & The Devotions - I'm Gonna Stay
9 Honest Men - But Tomorrow

7 commenti:

opart68 ha detto...

I think I was one of those 500 only to get this one, but alas, lent it out and it never returned. Red Vinyl? Sweet! Can you post a link to this? I may be mistaken, but I don't think that too many of these singles reached other comps, or if they did they are recent additions. Good score

opart68 ha detto...
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Joven*Bohemio ha detto...

yo lo quiero!

caveman78 ha detto...

for opart68: yes, i buy from ebay the past days (red vinyl)

caveman78 ha detto...

opart68 ha detto...

Thanks Mr. Caveman! Better than I remembered it back i the day.


Exeter ha detto...

I missed this one, too!
Thanks a lot for your continually amazing blog!