mercoledì 9 giugno 2010

Girls Of Texas '60s - CD (Collectables, ?)

1 The Heart Beats - Crying Inside
2 The Heart Beats - Poor Side Of Town
3 Brazen Huzzies - Climbing The Wall
4 Kay Gramm & The Bandettes - Cross My Heart
5 Leisha Brodie - Cross My Heart
6 Lou Ann Barton - I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
7 Lou Ann Barton - He's Gotta Use His Head (To Turn Me On)
8 The Heart Beats - Choo Choo Train
9 The Heart Beats - Little Latin Lupe Lu
10 The Bombshells - Treat Her Right
11 Brazen Huzzies - Imitation Me
12 The Bad Girls - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
13 The Baxterettes - Why Oh Why Does Barbara Cry
14 Friday & The Girls - An Older Boy

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caveman78 ha detto...

The Bomber ha detto...


Great starter for girls...
oouu suish! I can recommend this one to my pal girl Sarah...

yip, thats for shure.

Margarine ha detto...

Luvvv those tunes... ^x^ ,
thankies !!!

I'd also recomment: Dara Puspita (Indonesia, early 60's) for gurl garage lovers! On request I can upload some if anyone wants...

metalgoat ha detto...

qualcuno può spiegarmi cosa devo acquistare per avere tutti i capitoli delle acid visions compilation GRAZIE!!!

L ha detto...

Thanks for the girl groups.

Exeter ha detto...

I missed this one!
Thanks a lot!