venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Think Of The Good Times [The Tucson '60s Sound 1959-1968] - CD (Bacchus Archives, 2002)

The Tucson '60s Sound 1959-1968
1 The Stumps - Think Of The Good Times
2 The Occasionals - Break-Away
3 King Rock & The Knights - Scandal
4 The Clashmen - Boondocker
5 The Nightbeats - Nightbeat
6 The Travelers - Everywhere I Go
7 The Travelers - Spanish Moon
8 The Ric-A-Shays - Turn On
9 The Occasionals - Sometimes
10 Richard Stormy - Something Different
11 The Lewallen Brothers - Tough He Was
12 The Lewallen Brothers - It Must Be Love
13 The Intruders - Then I'd Know
14 The Intruders - Baby Do
15 The Quinstrels - I Got A Girl
16 The Bassmen - The Last Laugh
17 The Reason Why - Dark Side
18 Butterscotch - 309
19 The Five Of Us - Let Me Explain
20 The Five Of Us - Need Me Like I Need You
21 The Bucket City Distortion Racket - I Can See It's Coming
22 The Night Sounds - Torment
23 The Grodes - Uh Huh, Girl
24 Sotweed Factor - Bald Headed Woman
25 Sotweed Factor - Say It Is Not So
26 The Dearly Beloved - Flight Thirteen
27 The Missing Links - You Make Me Feel Good

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caveman78 ha detto...

aldo ha detto...

One of my favourite comps, I bought it when it first came out on vinyl...I'm listening to this right now and there seems to be quite a lot of scratching noise on tracks 17-18...

Lee Joseph ha detto...

Hi - I'd really appreciate if you would take off the album download from this site as this CD is still in print and available through Amazon, the Dionysus site and many others - this was a labor of love for me to put together. There is a huge booklet in the CD with detailed liner notes, photos, etc.. I found someone from EVERY recording on this disc and interviewed them.

Here's a link to purchase on the Dionysus site:

Just do a search on the Amazon site there are several for sale there too. THANKS

Lee Joseph
Dionysus Records/Bacchus Archives