mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Psychedelic Six-Pack Of Sound - LP (Summit, 1968)

Side 1
1 The Sounds Of Us - True
2 The Sounds Of Us - What Would You Say
3 The Coming Generation - Without You
4 The Coming Generation - Down To The City
5 The Rising Tides - Little Girls
6 The Rising Tides - The Girl's Made Good

Side 2
1 The Mavericks - If You Had Just Been Good
2 The Mavericks - Trains
3 The Sound Of Fury - I Don't Need You
4 The Sound Of Fury - I Can't See You
5 Eighth Day - Ten Below
6 Eighth Day - What You're Doin' To Me

*special thanks to Rillo

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Exeter ha detto...

Looks great!
Thanks a lot!

YankeeBoy ha detto...

Never saw this one before - thanks for posting.

progrocketeer ha detto...

I agree Great post

spliffriff ha detto...

could you re-upload please ? :)

Rarer.Media ha detto...

Please upload! Dead link..

Le p'tit Jésus d'plâtre ha detto...

Please reup, Caveman, you're the best!!!!