giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Downbeat - CD (none, 2002)

26 Independent Singles from the Netherlands
1 4PK - Down And Out (Eindhoven, Holland)
2 Fab - I Can Only Give You Everything (Rotterdam, Holland)
3 Want Group - Glory Lovely Girl (Hoogeveen, Holland)
4 The Sparklings - Now It's Your Turn To Cry (Amsterdam, Holland)
5 The Inn-Sect - Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need (Maassluis, Holland)
6 The Rolling Beats - Sweeter Than You (Maastricht, Holland)
7 Pee White & The Magic Strangers - Wooly Bully (The Hague, Holland)
8 Dat En Wat - I Can Live Without You (Badhoevedorp, Holland)
9 U.S. Sound - Song Of A Devil Servant (Puttershoek, Holland)
10 The Lazy Bones - I'm Driftin' (Haarlem, Holland)
11 The Humbugs - Go On Home, Little Girl (Almelo, Holland)
12 The Phantoms - After Tomorrow (Eindhoven, Holland)
13 The Spec's - What's Going On With Me? (Tilburg, Holland)
14 The United Five - Go Go Mo Jo (Beverwijk, Holland)
15 Dat En Wat - Dead Man Blues (Badhoevedorp, Holland)
16 The Black Knights - Little Girl (Haarlem, Holland)
17 Double Dutch - Double Cross (Amsterdam, Holland)
18 Flashcall - Crying All Day (Valkenburg, Holland)
19 The Rhythms - Everytime (Utrecht, Holland)
20 Honest Men - But Tomorrow (Enschede, Holland)
21 The Entertainers - Down Home Girl (Heerlen, Holland)
22 The Peps - Foolish Day (Alkmaar, Holland)
23 The Marks - Green Sleeves (Alkmaar, Holland)
24 Group $oall - Will You Teach Me How To Love (Hillegom, Holland)
25 The Kwyet - No Time For Tears (Delft, Holland)
26 Les Baroques - Love Is The Sun (Baarn, Holland)

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Maybe it's just my computer but I can't read anything on your site with that crazy background. Please go back to a plain background. Other than that, I love this blog. Thanks

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ohh, you have a problmems about my optical background? i dont understand

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When I look at the home page, all I see are the pictures. All the writing is lost in the black and white background.And it's so light, you can hardly see it.Even to get here to comment is just guessing where to click.Like I said, maybe it's just my computer but I don't know any way to make the site work for me.Maybe an Internet Explorer problem? I don't know. I love your blog and will still try to come here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks Holly, I've been thinking about trying some other browser.I take it you have no problem using Firefox?

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@hotrodmike -

Indeed, no problems at all with Firefox. Other virtues: stabilty, speed, wonderful 100% effective ad blockage, excellent download management tools (latter 2 virtues via free & vetted add-ons) - I'm a huge fan!

I've heard good things about Safari & Chrome also, but I personally have no reason to switch from Firefox.

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Good song, problem , is not in good quality...128 !
Great Blog, good work

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Christiane ha detto...

Thank you for this album

Greetings from Belgium

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