lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Washington DC 1965-66 - CD (Cicadelic, 2012)

01- I Need Love - The Mad Hatters
02- Go Find A Love - The Mad Hatters
03- I'll Come Running - The Mad Hatters
04- Hello Girl- The Mad Hatters
05- Have You Ever Lost Your Love-The Fallen Angels
06- I Have Found-The Fallen Angels
07- Where You Gonna Run To-The Loved Ones
08- Being Here With You-The Loved Ones
09- This Is How It's Gonna Be - The Mad Hatters
10- Blowin' In The Wind - The Mad Hatters
11- A Pebble In My Sand-The Fallen Angels
12- Hello Girl-The Fallen Angels
13- Everytime I Fall In Love-The Fallen Angels
14- Who Do You Love-The Fallen Angels
15- I Need Love - The Time Stoppers
16- The Mad Hatters Theme - Intermission
17- I Need Love (Live) - The Mad Hatters
18- Since You've Been Gone - I'm Alright - The Mad Hatters Theme
19- I Need Love - WEAM Pick Hit To Go Go Go Go

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