sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Turn To Stone#2 - LP (Astray, 2012)

 Long Lost Sixties Garage Usa
01 Bacardis - Don´t Sell Yourself
02 Oceans - She´s Gone
03 Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave
04 Dillons Simple - Way Of Living
05 Young Strangers - She´s Gone
06 Celtics - Jail
07 Mister's Virtue - Summer Night
08 Warlocks  - I Love You

01 Other Five - You Really Got Me
02 Real List - Pick Up The Marbles
03 Deverons - She Is My Life
04 Those Rogues - Girl
05 Mister's Virtue - Captured
06 Laughing Kind - Empty Heart
07 Voyagers - Can't Save This Heart
08 Mergers - Unworthy America

*Special thanks to Aris 

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Exeter ha detto...

I just got a copy of this a few weeks ago.... but have by now, only a couple of tracks ripped.. Thanks so much for sharing!

dayglo ha detto...

Wow! Thanks!
03 Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave
What a fantastic song that I had never heard before. A garage classic!
--Collin in Florida

Chocoreve ha detto...

File owner's public traffic exhausted.

Thanks anyway for your great work.

caveman78 ha detto...

dr.bigsound ha detto...

Hi caveman,
Please could you reupload this post.