sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Turn To Stone#2 - LP (Astray, 2012)

 Long Lost Sixties Garage Usa
01 Bacardis - Don´t Sell Yourself
02 Oceans - She´s Gone
03 Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave
04 Dillons Simple - Way Of Living
05 Young Strangers - She´s Gone
06 Celtics - Jail
07 Mister's Virtue - Summer Night
08 Warlocks  - I Love You

01 Other Five - You Really Got Me
02 Real List - Pick Up The Marbles
03 Deverons - She Is My Life
04 Those Rogues - Girl
05 Mister's Virtue - Captured
06 Laughing Kind - Empty Heart
07 Voyagers - Can't Save This Heart
08 Mergers - Unworthy America

*Special thanks to Aris 

4 commenti:

Exeter ha detto...

I just got a copy of this a few weeks ago.... but have by now, only a couple of tracks ripped.. Thanks so much for sharing!

dayglo ha detto...

Wow! Thanks!
03 Stone Cutters - Fellow Slave
What a fantastic song that I had never heard before. A garage classic!
--Collin in Florida

Chocoreve ha detto...

File owner's public traffic exhausted.

Thanks anyway for your great work.

caveman78 ha detto...