venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Sixties Rebellion #12 [Demented] - LP (Way Back, 1995)

 Side 1
    1 Henry The IX - Don't Take Me Back, Oh-Nooo!
    2 The 4th Amendment - Always Blue (GA, U.S.A.)
    3 The Driving Stupid - Horror Asparagus Stories (NJ, U.S.A.)
    4 The Jayhawkers - Dawn Of Instruction (Detroit, MI, U.S.A.)
    5 Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine (Greeley, CO, U.S.A.)
    6 Godfrey - The Trip (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
    7 Mogan David & His Winos - Nose Job (CA, U.S.A.)
    8 The Bandits - The Krusher (Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.)

Side 2
    1 The Jefferson Handkerchief - The Little Matador (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
    2 The Emperor - I'm Normal (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.)
    3 The 4th Amendment - Whiskey Man (GA, U.S.A.)
    4 Senator Bobby - Wild Thing (U.S.A.)
    5 Mike Wallace - Natural High (U.S.A.)
    6 The North Atlantic Invasion Force - Elephant In My Tambourine (Derby, CT, U.S.A.)
    7 The Movement - Stinking Peanut Butter (Midfield, AL, U.S.A.)
    8 Badge - Haze (U.S.A.)

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Exeter ha detto...

Thanks a lot!
You don't by chance have the alleged volume of this series covering the Yardbirds, do you?

caveman78 ha detto...

.... About vol 13 maybe there were copyright problems with one of the bands or something lame that prevented it from being released.

lucko simoen ha detto...

can you upload again file does not exist
thank you