giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Lost Souls #4 - CD (Psych of the South, 2013)

 Unreleased 1960s Garage And Psychedelic Rock From Arkansas
01-Federal Union-Can't Stop, Can't Go
02-Steppin' Stones-I Pity People
03-Vipers-She Just Goes Her Way
04-Vipers-My Love is Gone
05-Federal Union-I Really Need You
06-Coachmen-Tears of Blue
07-Barons-That's What I Need Your Love For
08-Federal Union-Can't Stop, Can't Go v2
09-Steppendog-I'm Feeling Down
10-Vipers-So Excited
12-Federal Union-A Day Without Time
13-Villagers-I'll Call You
14-Loved Ones-Please Send Her
15-Unknown-In My Place
16-Barons-You're My Girl
17-Tuesday Blues-Please Don't Go
18-Sons of Soul-I Don't Believe
19-Steppin' Stones-Don't Let the Weekend End
20-Loved Ones-I'm Alone
21-Barnsley and Bradley-Sister of Wisdom

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Thanks a lot !!

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Thanks bro. You're a true psych god.

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Because you seem to have everything, i would like to take the time to request a few really hard to find comps.
Best of Impact records
East Side Sound Vol 2
Friday at the Cage A go go
Goldust Recors Story (1965 - 69)
IGL Rock Story (Part 1 & 2)
Little Rock Sound (1965-69)
Lost 60's Delights Vol 4
Rock 'n' Roll Project - History of Rock in Sioux Falls (1965-67)
San Francisco Odds and Ends
'69 Love In
There goes the neighborhood Vol 3
Today is just tomorrows Yesterday Vol 1 and 4

I have a lot of comps so if there are some you are missing let me know and i can upload for you.

thanks again


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Thank you!

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