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Sons Of Yma - CD (Yma, 1999)

A Collection of Peruvian Garage and Instrumental Bands from the 60s!
1 Los Holy's - Scrambler (Lima, Peru)
    2 The Golden Stars - Past Verde (Lima, Peru)
    3 Los Doltons - La Ventana (Lima, Peru)
    4 Los Doltons - Vision De Otono (Lima, Peru)
    5 The Golden Stars - Angel (Lima, Peru)
    6 Los Shain's - Apache 66 (Lima, Peru)
    7 Los Saicos - Come On (Lima, Peru)
    8 Los Shain's - No, No, No, No (Lima, Peru)
    9 Los Darts - I Need You (Lima, Peru)
  10 Los Saicos - Demolicion (Lima, Peru)
  11 Los Drags - I Need Somebody (Lima, Peru)
  12 Los Datsun's - Bony Maronie (Huancayo, Peru)
  13 Los Shain's - Universal Vagrant (Lima, Peru)
  14 Los York's - Just Like Me (Lima, Peru)
  15 The Same People - Don Nadie Soy (Lima, Peru)
  16 Traffic Sound - You Can't Win (Lima, Peru)
  17 Los York's - Solo Estoy (Lima, Peru)
  18 Los Stevios - G.T.O. (Lima, Peru) *
  19 Los Holy's - Holy's Psicodelicos (Lima, Peru)
  20 Los Holy's - Psicodelico Desconocido (Lima, Peru) *
  21 Los Diablos Azules - Te Quiero (Lima, Peru) *
  22 Los Belkings - Setima Patrulla (Lima, Peru)
  23 Los Belkings - Empujando Furte (Lima, Peru) *
  24 Los Comandos - Moby Dick (Callao, Peru) *

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Farm Frickin' OUT! Muchas Gracias, Muchahos Y Muchachas...........
I didn't know Yma Sumac had so many youngins.

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Thanks! This is a brilliant compilation!!!

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Many thanks!

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Thank you very much.

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Great Great Item, and much much Thanks

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