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Biet Het #3 [From The Kitchen To The Garage] - CD (Distortions, 2000)

From The Kitchen To The Garage   
 1 Brigitte & The Firestrings - Waarom Vertrouw Je Mij Niet Meer? (The Hague, Holland)
    2 Karin Kent - Tired, Broke And Busted (Amsterdam, Holland) *
    3 Jose & Full House - Als Je Alle Kranten Leest (Utrecht, Holland)
    4 Jenny & The Rascals - You Told Me A Lie (The Hague, Holland)
    5 Shirley - Big Boss Man (Zandvoort, Holland)
    6 Mariska Veres - Is het Waar? (The Hague, Holland)
    7 Karin Kent - Als Ik Een Jongen Was (Amsterdam, Holland)
    8 Iris Zegveld - Ik Ken Je Beter, Peter (Holland)
    9 Bonny St. Claire - Tame Me, Tiger (Amsterdam, Holland)
  10 Honey Bee - Hey Girls (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  11 Trix & The Paramounts - Doe Maar Net Zoals Ik (Amsterdam, Holland)
  12 Dee Dee Pitt - Laars Erop (Zaandam, Holland)
  13 Suzie - Doe Niet Of Jij Van Me Houdt (Roosendaal, Holland) *
  14 The Young Sisters - Give Him My Love (Breda, Holland)
  15 Jenny & The Rascals - That's A Man's Way (The Hague, Holland)
  16 Rosita Bloom - Marty The Martian (The Hague, Holland)
  17 Els Molenaar - Gezakt Of Geslaagd (Holland)
  18 Rika Jansen - Marihuana Marie (Holland) *
  19 The Meklight Sisters - Tired Of Waiting (Deventer, Holland)
  20 Iris Zegveld - De Sleutelring (Holland) *
  21 Linda Van Dyck With Boo & The Booboos - Stengun (Amsterdam, Holland)
  22 Wendy - Johnny B. Goode (Rotterdam, Holland) *
  23 Daniella - De Boomlay Boom (Zoeterwoude, Holland) *
  24 Trix & The Paramounts - So In Love (Amsterdam, Holland)
  25 Karin Kent - Loop Nou Niet Weg (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  26 Brigitte & The Firestrings - Een Droom (The Hague, Holland)
  27 Karin Kent - It's Allright (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  28 Linda Van Dyck - Unlock My Door (Amsterdam, Holland)
  29 Rita Hovink - You're No Good (Hilversum, Holland)

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622345Hi Caveman,

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I have a CD from 2012-2013 about spanish female singers...I can share it if you want to...greetings: GZ

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Thanks for keeping the links alive

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hey i am from the land behind the dykes and would like to add this gem to my digital collection as well, could you please reupload the link because the last one is broken

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thank you very much, of course!!