venerdì 13 maggio 2016

Danish Beatcookies #6 - CD (Frost, 2004)

1 The Bristols - A Rolling Stone (Denmark)
    2 The Bristols - Little Miss Jeanny (Denmark)
    3 The Blackpools - I'm Wild About You (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    4 The Blackpools - Endless Hoping (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    5 Daniella & Ole Erling Gruppen - More (Denmark)
    6 Daniella & Ole Erling Gruppen - Johnny Guitar (Denmark) *
    7 Sussi Holm & Ole Erling Gruppen - Sunny (Denmark)
    8 Ole Erling Gruppen Featuring Peter Lau - Lunik (Denmark) *
    9 The Heaters - Walking Down The Street (Valby, Denmark)
  10 The Heaters - Just Can't Go To Sleep (Valby, Denmark)
  11 The Blackpools - All-Right (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  12 The Blackpools - I'll Go Crazy (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  13 The Swinging Five - Little Zula (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
  14 The Swinging Five - Dang Me (Frederiksberg, Denmark) *
  15 Henrik Burton & The Boozers - My Everlovin' Heart (Denmark) *
  16 Henrik Burton & The Boozers - Silver Dollar (Denmark) *
  17 The King Beats - Road Runner (Amager, Denmark)
  18 The King Beats - She's Fine, She's Mine (Amager, Denmark)
  19 The Silverbeats - If You Tell Me (Tastrup, Denmark)
  20 The Silverbeats - Please Come Back (Tastrup, Denmark)
  21 The Raws - When I Walked (Glostrup, Denmark)
  22 The Eagles - Sandy (Denmark)
  23 The Caravans - Can I Get A Witness (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  24 The Caravans - Everything Is All Right (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  25 Bodies - I Say Goodbye (Denmark)
  26 Bodies - Spirit Of Mine (Denmark) *
  27 The Eagles - Move On (Denmark) *

9 commenti:

caveman78 ha detto...

Léo ha detto...

Bonjour Cavemen,
Il manque les titres 17,18,19,20.
Mais un grand merci pour tout.

jose kortozirkuito ha detto...

Missing Tracks:!79gS0DbL!_y6yqiw2eYMTUvUD68VVCplPPF78P0gypgMtTTtg2tY

Léo ha detto...


caveman78 ha detto...

Many thanx Jose :)

Mike F. ha detto...

The "missing track" link is dead

jose kortozirkuito ha detto...

My MEGA account is suspended.
BUt... Missing tracks:

60sbeatfan ha detto...

The last track, Track 27 Move On, jumps to another song around 1 min 38 secs.

Blogger ha detto...

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