martedì 17 gennaio 2017

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60's Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals ... - CD (Arf! Arf!, 1993)

1 The Shades - Ballot Bachs (Webster City, IA, U.S.A.)
    2 Pinocchio & His Puppets - Fusion (Hyde Park, NY, U.S.A.)
    3 Question Mark - Hang In (Saginaw, MI, U.S.A.) *
    4 The Unbelievable Uglies - Research Into The Soul  (Detroit Lakes, MN, U.S.A.)
    5 The Oxford Circle - Mind Destruction (Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.)
    6 The American Dream - Tioga (CA, U.S.A.) *
    7 Powers Of Blue - You Blow My Mind (CT, U.S.A.) *
    8 The Spellbinders - Spellbound (Miami, FL, U.S.A.) *
    9 The Front Office - Wow (CA, U.S.A.)
  10 Hal Blaine - Love In (December) (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.) *
  11 Cucumber - Under (U.S.A.)
  12 Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army - Bubblegum March (Or Blowing Bubbles Through Rose Colored Glasses) (U.S.A.) *
  13 The Executioners - I Want The Rain (Youngstown, OH, U.S.A.) *
  14 The Dantes - 80-96 (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
  15 The Vaqueros - 69 (Virginia, MN, U.S.A.)
  16 The Sounds Like Us - The Other Side Of A Record (Duluth, MN, U.S.A.)
  17 The Ceyleib People - Ceyladd Beyta (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.) *
  18 Sagittarius - Pisces (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.) *
  19 The Collectors - The Beginning (Vancouver, Canada) *
  20 The Beautiful Daze - City Jungle Part 2 (CA, U.S.A.)
  21 The Mussies - 12 O'Clock, July (South Haven, MI, U.S.A.)
  22 The Arrows - Make Love Not War (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.) *
  23 The Endd - This Is Really The Zoo Plus Two (La Porte, IN, U.S.A.) *
  24 Astro Sounds From The Year 2000 - Flameout (U.S.A.) *
  25 Astro Sounds From The Year 2000 - Barrier X-69 (U.S.A.) *
  26 Astro Sounds From The Year 2000 - A Disappointing Love Affair With A Desensitized Robot (U.S.A.) *
  27 The Calico Wall - Beep (Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.) *

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