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Bologna Beat (compiled by Michael Vee)

Rare Sounds by 60's Beat Groups from Bologna
01 Scats - The Play-Boy
02 Roberta Mazzoni - Sulla neve con me
03 Meteors  - The Peppermint Twist
04 Meri Marabini - Un Bel Posto
05 Meteors - All My Sorrow
06 Anna Maria - Il ragazzo del mio palazzo
07 Ivana Borgia - Con los Zapatas y el esqui
08 Archangels - Amiamo la libertà
09 Lida Lu & Troupe -Poi poi poi
10 Archangels - Puoi Andartene
11 Silvano Silvi e gli Erranti - Ehi! tu cosa vuoi
12 Lida Lu & Troupe - Comme Faccio a Te Sunnà
13 Pooh, I - Sono l'uomo di ieri
14 Barabba, I - Non hai capito
15 Clockwork Oranges - After Tonight
16 Barabba, I - Sono Stufo Di Te
17 Pooh, I- Per Quelli Come Noi
18 Ducio Lalla & Idoli- I got you
19 Clockwork Oranges - Ready Steady
20 Mario Guarnera - Quello che non è gloria vicino a te
21 Roberta Amadei - Devi avere fiducia in me
22 Gospel -Per favore tirate fuori la vostra testa dalla terra
23 Vagabondi della Verità_Lei non ha pianto mai
24 Silvano Silvi & Erranti - Sono le tre
25 Mario Guarnera - Non c'è pace per me
26 Vagabondi della Verità -Sposami Subito
27 Magik  - Allucinazioni
28 Roberta Mazzoni - Un angelo a metà

This set, which features only groups and artists from Bologna, is a companion to Lucio Mazzi’s and Moreno Spirogi Lambertini’s book  "Per quelli come noi”*. The authors dug deep in the 60s Beat scene of their home turf and after one year of research now present the result in a book full of bio and recording data, names  of forgotten groups who never recorded and many nice photos.  For sure it’s the ultimate book on Bologna 60 groups and there will never be  alike on the subject.
This set is also to honor the city that has hosted me for 3 years (2014 – 17). In the book, Bologna is called the Liverpool of Italy, and this might be right (tho’ it lacks the sea). Bologna is a friendly, small, medieval town which ranks first of universities in Southern Europe and retains a reputation as the most prestigious Italian university. With its inhabitants and students, Bologna was famous for its youth movements in art, music and politics ever since. So no wonder a huge number of groups hail from that place (after Rome and Milano, more than from any other Italian town, I guess).
I have selected one or two tracks of each artist, and my installment is not meant as  a “Best of” but as a “Rarest of” sampler (which sounds like a “Best of", I hope). You might have heard 9 tracks before (if you’re an avid collector of private CDs on Italian Beat groups), but most of the tunes should be new to your ears as they were to mine, before I read the book and researched the songs. I’m sure you’ll like the first and only sampler of Bologna 60s artists. Buon ascolto!

* you can order "Per quelli come noi” for 16 € at
(if you read Italian)

PS: I have added a new 13 pg booklet with heaps of rare bandpics; go to tortellini+

*** Thanks to courtesy Michael Vee ***

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