martedì 10 giugno 2008

Bands On Lance - LP (Lance, 1999)

A history of new mexico 60's music
Side 1
1 Rudy & The Soulsetters - I Dig Girls
2 Rudy & The Soulsetters - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
3 Doc Rand & The Purple Blues - Something You Got
4 The Sheltons - Find It
5 The Sheltons - Yesterday's Laughter
6 The Sheltons - Knock On Wood
7 The Trademarques - In Her Own Little World

Side 2
1 The Cellar Dwellers - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
2 The Cellar Dwellers - Working Man
3 The Trademarques - What Is Love
4 Lincoln St. Exit - Paper Place
5 Lincoln St. Exit - Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab
6 The Kreeg - How Can I
7 The Kreeg - Impressin'
8 The Kreeg - Jams And Jellies

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Unknown ha detto...

Congratulations for your blog. I´m a sixties music lover and your blog has surprised to me too much. Regards from Andalucia (Spain)!

michele augelli ha detto...

Vorrei sapere di dove sei.
Probabilmente ci conosciamo.

skampus ha detto...

ehilà ma dove sei finito???
non ho un pc potente che supporti slsk e così non sono più entrato in room.
a presto!

Velvet Swine ha detto...

GREAT BLOG - Thanks for the hard work!

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Thx Again!

Pedro from Argentina ha detto...

Keep on posting man, this is one of the best garage blogs, extreme rae stuff, congratuñations.

Mateus Paul ha detto...

I've found your amazing blog just a few days and i can't stop downloading everything!
Thanks for sharing these very rare stuffs!
I love 60s sounds and your blog is a really paradise!!

Max ha detto...

Thanks for a great blog! Keep them coming.

C. von Grumpy ha detto...

Grazie mille!

Justin Vaccaro ha detto...

molto grazie!

thanks for a ton of great comps!

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