domenica 8 giugno 2008

One Hand In The Darkness - LP (Lance, 2005)

14 slabs of moody of 60's garage
Side 1
1 The Vy-Countz - Goodbye
2 The Star Blazers - You Better Change
3 The Nomads - How Many Times
4 Huns - Winning Ticket
5 Spider & The Mustangs - You Ask Me Why
6 J. Walker & The Pedestrians - Life's Too Short
7 Frut Of The Loom - One Hand In Darkness

Side 2
1 Midknights - Why
2 Tommy & The Nightbeats - Come On Darling
3 The Jades - Change My Ways
4 The Meen - Say You Love Me
5 Rotations - One Way Road
6 Midknights - I Don't Have To Wait
7 Big Inners - Do You Wonder

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caveman78 ha detto...

nick beef ha detto...

I bought this comp and the back of the record jacket says that it has additional info inside... well my copy has no such info. Am I missing the insert? Does any one else have this, as I would really like a photo copy (these usually are just zerox jobs anyways.)

Thanks a ton!!!


Kristian ha detto...

This my favorite garage compilation. Can't thank you enough :)