lunedì 5 gennaio 2009

Texas Punk: 1966 #1 (Cicadelic, 1984)

Side 1
1 The Beefeaters - Don't Hurt Me
2 The Livin' End - All Alone
3 The Livin' End - Get Off My Cloud
4 The Chevelle V - Come Back Bird
5 The Stumblin' Blox - It's Alright
6 The Royal Knights - I Wanna Know

Side 2
1 The Beefeaters - Change My Mind
2 The Chevelle V - I'm Sorry Girl
3 The Highlifes - No One To Tell Her
4 The Highlifes - Lucille
5 The Sounds Unlimited - Keep Your Hands Off Of It
6 The Sounds Unlimited - About You

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caveman78 ha detto...

esmenard.victor ha detto...

Thank you for all this Texas Punk Serie. A great moment. Wonderful !

henry ha detto...

Thanks so very much for these wonderful downloads. very much appreciated!

yahwehfrk ha detto...

Thank you for sharing this. I am unable to get the complete link as it is broken and incomplete. I have even tried reducing the print on my screen to see if I could get it all but no luck. Could you please repost the link in it's entirety? Thanks

Subcomandante Marcos ha detto...

Happy New Year Signor Caveman!
I trust that you are well & happy!!
Many thanks for the wonderful albums you shared last year, and hopefully this year as well!

Cheers - SCM

Woody Dream ha detto...

Thankx for this fantastic garage comp. Great bands.

skampus ha detto...

if you don't see the whole link, you have to take a look to html source of the page.

if you use firefox, select a part of the link, then push the right button of the mouse and select "see source of the selection" or similar (my firefox version is in italian)

if you use IE, go to "view" menu or similar (my IE version is in italian) and click to "HTML"

williamdanielstevens ha detto...

Thanks for the great work!

nick beef ha detto...

thanks dude!! it will take me a while, but I'm dedicated to download your entire blog.


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