martedì 13 aprile 2010

Eat Sprouts! - LP (Drop Out, 1989)

Original Tracks from the Belgian Sixties Garage Bands

Side 1
1 Paul & Johnny With The Blue Jets - I'm Free
2 Shakes - Shoot Me Baby
3 Adam's Recital - There's No Place For Lonely People
4 Les Ombres - I'm Talking About You
5 The Jumpers - Caldonia
6 The Sonny Boys - Midnight Train

Side 2
1 Santa Claus - What I Am
2 Les Serpents Noirs - Where Is Love
3 The Tell Stars - I Want To Sing
4 Sylvester's Team - Beautiful Day
5 Les Sunlights - Do The Dog
6 Clee's Five - Summertime Blues

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caveman78 ha detto...

Buffalo Billycan ha detto...

I'm pretty anxious to hear this but sadly the link doesn't work. You would make my day if you could check it.

afjnelen ha detto...

Ciao, io ero il cantante dei Ragazzi come Sonny per trovare l'album Eat Germogli - Chi può aiutarmi. Saluti afjnelen

Hi, i was the singer of the Sonny Boys, like to find the lp Eat Sprouts - Who can help me . Greetings afjnelen

Pedro from Argentina ha detto...

I think there was a mistake when the disc was posted, I understand it comes from a vinyl but some sounds I listen tell me there is something wrong.Thanks anyway.

H ha detto...

I've been looking for a copy of this Lp for ages, if anyone has one for sale. Please contact me on d0postma at

mod elo ha detto...

purtroppo il link non c'e piu