giovedì 15 aprile 2010

What Do I Say? #1 [Juddy In The Sky With Nazis] - LP (Reep, 2004)

Side 1
1 Cvintetul Mamaia - Juddy In The Sky (Romania)
2 Die Kettels - Bonny And Clyde (Kassel, Germany)
3 Francois Nicot - Shoffy On' Dabe (Brussels, Belgium)
4 Syrius - Dead End Street (Hungary)
5 Los Teen Agers - When My Blue Moon (Colombia)
6 Luc Derdin - Disc-Jockey Sound (Belgium)
7 Los Huracanes - For Your Love (Valencia, Spain)
8 Nilo Amaro & Seus Cantores De Ebano - Down By The Riverside (Brazil)

Side 2
1 Atlantis - What Do I Say? (Budapest, Hungary)
2 Los Agaros - Se Amable Conmigo (Spain)
3 The Bogard Brothers - Flying Rock (South Africa)
4 Os Selvagens - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Brazil)
5 Ox - Sunny (Osaka, Japan)
6 Los Walkers - Gloria (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
7 Gen Rosso - Ama E Capirai (Italy)
8 The Bobby Setter Band - Memphis Soul Stew (Belgium)

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Exeter ha detto...

Looks like a good one!
I want to hear it!

caveman78 ha detto...

Jordan ha detto...

Thanks for posting this
looking forward to this one

Esmenard Victor ha detto...

Great comp, with many "exotic" groups. Nice to hear.

Grazie mille.

The Bomber (aka Pablo) ha detto...

Lovely title for a marvelous lp.

Yeah bring it on...

malarz ha detto...

Re-up please :)