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Garage Punk Unknowns - Box (Crypt, 1997)

Side 1
1 The King-Beezz - Now
2 The Ravens - Sleepless Nights
3 Lost Generation - I'd Gladly Pay
4 The End - Not Fade Away
5 The Primates - Don't Press Your Luck
6 Big Beats - Beware
7 The Dirty Shames - Makin' Love
8 Fink Muncx 4 - Coffee, Tea Or Me

Side 2
1 The Teddy Boys - Jezebel
2 The Blue Crystals - Be-Bop-A-Lula
3 Bobby Roberts & The Ravons - How Can I Make Her Mine
4 Temptations - Hey Bo Diddley
5 Undecided? - Make Her Cry
6 The Cirkyt - That's The Way Life Is
7 The Avengers - I Told You So
8 The Lincolns - We Got Some

Side 3
1 The King-Beezz - I Gotta Move
2 The Brymers - Sacrifice
3 Hard Times - I Can't Wait Til Friday Comes
4 The Torquays - Harmonica Man (From London Town)
5 The Ceeds - You Won't Do That
6 The English Setters - It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog
7 Brothers & Sisters - And I Know
8 The G's - There's A Time

Side 4
1 Kempy & The Guardians - Love For A Price
2 Night Riders - Don't Say
3 Chargers - Taxi
4 The Landels - The Witch
5 Five More - I'm No Good
6 Big Beats - I Need You
7 Danny & The Other Guys - Hard Times
8 The Savages - Roses Are Red My Love

Side 5
1 Ardels - Piece Of Jewelry
2 The Odds & Ends - Cause You Don't Love Me
3 The Wooly Ones - Put Her Down
4 Sultans 5 - You Know You Know
5 The Torquays - Stolen Moments
6 The Mo-Shuns - What Can I Say
8 The Trademarks - If I Was Gone
9 The Fabulous Pharaohs - Church Key

Side 6
1 The Vandals - I Saw Her In A Mustang
2 Motor City Bonnevilles - Make Up Your Mind
3 The Odds & Ends - Be Happy Baby
4 Jay-Bees - Good Times
5 The Avengers - Shipwrecked
6 High Numbers - I'm A Man
7 Lost Ones - I Can't Believe You
8 The Lost Souls - My Girl

Side 7
1 006 - Like What, Me Worry
2 Spider & The Mustangs - So Long Child
3 Enchanters 4 - Lost You
4 Londons - Old Man - A Thing Of Age
5 The Traits - High On A Cloud
6 Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness - Hey Girl!
7 The Munks - Long Time Waiting
8 Grapes Of Wrath - Cause It Was Her

Side 8
1 Tremors - Wondering Why
2 Nobody's Children - Jungo Partner (A Worthless Cajun)
3 Shadows 5 - Gathers No Moss
4 The Individuals - I Really Do
5 The Levis - Hear What I Say
6 Huns - Destination Lonely
7 Galaboochees - It'll Never Work Out
8 Rollin' Ramsaxes - You've Hurt Me So

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HeySuchAndSuch ha detto...

Yow! Do Want!

caveman78 ha detto...

hotrodmike ha detto...

All I can say is Wow. What a great set.Thanks so much for this excellent set.

Beach Boy ha detto...

Hey, thanks a million for this set! Now I don't have to rip it from my vinyl.

One question, though: what happened to track 7 on side A of LP 1? It's listed as Hey Little Girl by The Chasers on the back of the box. Instead, you have Makin' Love by the Dirty Shames.

Is it a different track order on different pressings, maybe?

Thanks again!!

Dr psych ha detto...

hello, very cool blog and good compil, but I detest some words in this album "unpsychedelic" or "antihippie", I think it's so stupid, we can appreciate teen garage and garage psychedelic too, what's the probem? it's rebel music what's all,
greetings from mustard rock city
dr psych

Beach Boy ha detto...

@Dr psych

Well, Crypt Records kinda wears their opinion on their sleeve. But to be fair, GPU is exactly what is advertised on the box. The songs aren't psychedelic and anyone looking for the equivalent of a Time-Life 60's retrospective on groovy west-coast hippie music are warned off. It's not a comment on who can or cannot listen, but a message about the music inside.

luxivy ha detto...


Dr psych ha detto...

@Beach Boy
I agree with you about that compilation but when Tim Warren of Crypt write on the (superbs)" back from the grave" compil :"ignored psych love crap summer of 67" or laught about lee joseph (who making remastering of "peebles" and "fuzz flaykes"), and when the pictures described zombies who burn Hendrix LP's I think (and I'm not a hippie!) it's a few reducer or childish (excuse my poor english),
cordially, good new years day
Dr psych

Beach Boy ha detto...

@Dr psych

I agree with you. I think most people who like garage music just roll their eyes at that kind of hyper-tribalism. It's one thing to dislike something like hippy music. It's another to go on and on about it ad infinitum for decades. Having said that, I think I share Tim Warren's sentiment about the zombies burning Hendrix LP's. But then again, I'm sure if Mr. Warren were to look at my record collection he would disapprove of a good portion of it.

apollojams ha detto...
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Beach Boy ha detto...


I'm way ahead of you, brother. But thanks for looking out for me.

Thanks again, Caveman!

japagu ha detto...

desde méxico, un post muy chingón, ¡Gracias!

waxhound ha detto...


The links are dead unfortunately.

zippy is great.


Marc (Canada)

Mr. Samson ha detto...

Hey hey! ive been after this comp for a while...its amazing! any chance i can get this? please?