mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

Burghers - LP (Big Wink, 1997)

Side 1
1 Swamp Rats - No Friend Of Mine
2 Peters Pipers - I Didn't Believe Her
3 The Arondies - 69
4 The Hides - Don't Be Difficult
5 Swamp Rats - It's Not Easy
6 The Fenways - Be Careful Little Girl
7 Grains Of Sand - The Castaway Of Capt. Haze

Side 2
1 The Marshmellow Steamshovel - Mr. Mold
2 The Fantastic Dee-Jays - Love Is Tuff
3 Napoleonic Wars - The Singer Not The Song
4 The Time Stoppers - I Need Love
5 Peters Pipers - Helping You Out
6 Grains Of Sand - Passing Through The Night
7 The Marshmellow Steamshovel - Steamshovel
8 unknown - Mystery Track

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