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Destination Frantic #2 - CD (Zone 66, 2008)

30 Boss trax from the U.S.A. Manic and moody sixties garage beyond understanding.
1 Jack Bedient & The Chessmen - I Used To Feel Bad
2 The Driving Wheels - She's Got Me Running
3 Curfews - She's Mine
4 The Saints - Girl Forgive Me
5 The Reactors - Do That Thing
6 Wild Ones - Please
7 The Escapades - Mad Mad Mad
8 The What's New - Get Away
9 The Cutaways - Hold Me
10 H-B Singers - Squiddly
11 The Ravenz - Just Like I Want Her
12 The Symbols - Give Me Time
13 Five Flys - Livin' For Love
14 The Members - Wish I'd Never Met You
15 The Trolls - Laughing All The Way
16 Jonathan's Experiences - I'm Gonna Make It
17 The Uniques - Strange
18 The Executioners - You Won't Find Me
19 The Six Pents - Your Girl Too
20 Lost Tribe - Walk One Way
21 The What Four - Whenever
22 Glory Rhodes - Not The Kind Of Guy
23 Nick D'Angelo Farmers - Mr. Zeppelin Man
24 The Wanted - Big Town Girl
25 Deuces Wild - Come Easy Go
26 The Monarchs - Girl You Know
27 The Canadian Rogues - Love And Dreams
28 The Wild Things - She Put Me Down
29 Lou Capri - Love And Kisses
30 Frantics - Why

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mad4music ha detto...

Download link, please?

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hotrodmike ha detto...

Is there a problem with this link? I've been trying it all day and it says it's not available? Volume 1&2 downloaded fine. Thanks

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Exeter ha detto...

Thanks for another great comp!

hotrodmike ha detto...

It's all good now. Thanks for this great set. Much appreciated!

Aki ha detto...

Thank you so much!

YanavX ha detto...

Great! Thank you!

japagu ha detto...

Excelente disco ,junto con los otros ¡Gracias!

apollojams ha detto...

Grrr! Kickin' myself for not getting to these in time before the MU Smackdown. But i'm STILL gonna say 'thank you' anyway, and keep an eye out for your repost of DF's 2 + 3, should you decide to do so. Cheers!

Tencuita y Los Canícula ha detto...

re-upload please!!!!!!!

Robert ha detto...

Can you re-upload this title again please? Thanks!