martedì 15 novembre 2011

Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo #1 [Monster A Go-Go] - LP (Planet X, 1990)

Side 1
1 The Beavers - I'm A Man
2 The Carnabeats - When I Was Young
3 The Spiders - Upside Down
4 The Voltage - In The Midnight Hour
5 The Mops - Blind Bird
6 D'Swooners - Stone Free

Side 2
1 The Bunnys - Test Driver
2 The Spiders - Around And Around
3 The Golden Cups - LSD Blues
4 The Carnabeats - Koi Wo Shiyoyo Jenny
5 The Spiders - S.P.I.
6 The Mops - Inside Looking Out

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atown ha detto...

Never heard of comp before.

caveman78 ha detto...

Trashman ha detto...

I have been out of the download business for a short time, so what a great surprise to see these Tokyo comps and the yeah,yeah, and texas box set. thanks so much. I have some catching up to do.

Prof. Grewbeard ha detto...

thanx so much for this three-headed monster, for the love of Godzilla...

Holly ha detto...

Thanks for these!

Anonimo ha detto...

hello i was wondering if you could repost this please

Maddi Perromierda ha detto...

hey! could you update this?
great blog!

somedusty ha detto...

Re-upload please !