domenica 7 aprile 2013

Psicofasicos De Bolivia - LP Condor, 2003)

 Side 1
    1 Los Daltons - Alto Y Seco (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)
    2 The Dhag Dhags - One Track Mind (La Paz, Bolivia)
    3 Los Ecos - Walk That Walk (Bolivia)
    4 The Blackstones - Pena (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
    5 Los Tennyson - Un Mundo Para Mi (Bolivia)
    6 Grupo 606 - Break On Through (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
    7 The Dhag Dhags - Tipo Sicodelico (La Paz, Bolivia)

Side 2
    1 Grupo 606 - Gotta Get Away (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
    2 The Donkeys - El Pobre (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)
    3 Los Burros - You'd Better Run (Bolivia)
    4 Los Bonny Boy's Hot's - Virgenes Del Sol (Bolivia)
    5 The Loving Darks - Complicated (La Paz, Bolivia)
    6 Los Grillos - La Tarara (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
    7 The Dhag Dhags - Bohemio (La Paz, Bolivia)

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caveman78 ha detto...

Emiliano Espinoza Espinosa ha detto...

hey nice post! i uploaded a new comp!


cuorediformaggio ha detto...

hi guys,
looking for the following volume:
revolucion psicofasica en bolivia 1969-1975

Anyone can help?


caveman78 ha detto...

ciao luca 'revolucion psicofasica en bolivia' nel mio archivio purtroppo non cel'ho ancora ma dovrei poterla trovare :)

cuorediformaggio ha detto...

oh yes, it would be great.
And while we are at it, I hope you don't mind if I suggest some other real hard to find and out of press titles:
- paprikazz fel best of the hungarian rockscene
- here lies ebeneezer goode
- lost in the 60's frat rocker and garage sounds from obscureville
- electric holyland
- god in the garage
- incredible sound show stories vol.13
- delaware garage (complete)
- pre punk 1965-1968 cleveland ohio integrity productions
- talking about the good times vol.1
- astral daze vol.2
- battle of rat fink hill
- brazilian nuggets back from the jungle vol.2
- a bag full of flames

and so on...
A lot of good stuff to bring back from obscurity.
In any case, you are a friend.


Jerry ha detto...

please upload revolucion psicofásica

Emiliano Espinoza Espinosa ha detto...

Vol 2!!!!

glamking ha detto...

Thank you very much.

Unknown ha detto...

Dear Caveman...
Greetings from Guatemala, can you please upload both "Psicofásicos" discs? These are great records, but links are gone and the records are hard to find now...