sabato 8 marzo 2014

Extraterrestrial Sojourn vol.1 - Priv (Garagebeatnik)

 01).a band of those - girl
02).billy and the fabulous echoes - just love me right
03).gregory dee and the avanties - keep me
04).hollie hellems and the rhythm kings - dont blame it on the rain
05).little john and the sherwoodmen - movin'out
06).lord douglas and the serfs - the way of a man
07). lord douglas and the serfs - your turn to cry
08).nomadz(wam5980) - she aint lovin'you no more
09).southampton story- leave me behind
10).barons - i needed you
11).dimensions - hey little woman
12).dimensions - shes my girl
13)double-0-six - i dont wanna go
14).the first garrison - tell me no lies
15).hi-jacks - and you let her pass by
16).the irresistable urge - why shouldnt i
17).kazeeches - you told a lie
18).morticians - louie louie
19).muphets - why cant you go
20).the new generaton - because of love its all over
21).the new sounds - wild child
22).nomad's - dont come runnin' to me
23).nomad's - you come around
24).the other side - i wanna be there
25).the realms - all i want
26).the rogues five - too good for love
27).the royal knights - i dont want to go
28).the snaps - you dont want me
29).the trenchmen - travel with me

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Psyclist ha detto...

Thank you Mr. Cave!

culturalised ha detto...

glad to be on this cave. Thanks!!!

sdfkt ha detto...

Awesome blog - but the ID tagging of tracks is all over the place,which is super annoying