sabato 8 marzo 2014

Extraterrestrial Sojourn vol.2 - Priv (Garagebeatnik)

 01.chris parry and the rockers - i need you now
02.dave travis and the extremes - lost man
03.john winfield jr. - laugh
04.les tasher and the intruders - dont stop me from lovin' you
05.mike and the dimensions - why strings attached - ghost hunter
07.roy and the bristols - it's your fault
08.scotty and the tissues - im not comin' home
09.the beau havens - elizabeth
10.the castaways - i gotta hankerin'
11.the cherades - my little red book
12.the fabulous morticians - i dont understand
13.the flameouts - fun girl
14.the fugatives - we gotta run.
15.the jerms - thats all she wrote instro
16.the kruisers - its the way she...
17.the mal-t's - stand up today
18.the mar-teks - dont take it out on me
19.the misfits - no one else
20.the mysterians - my little girl
21.the roosters - rosebush
22.the swagmen - so long baby
23.the symbols - give me tme
24.the uglyz - down to my very last tear
25.the venetian blinds - just knowin' you love me
26.those five - sidewalks
27.united travel service - gypsy eyes
28.the prophets - fightin' for sam
29.the pitmen - cruisin' along the highway

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