giovedì 1 settembre 2016

Le beat bespoke #6 - CD (Circle , 2015)

01. I'm The Man - Jerry Holmes 
02. Maybe Later - The Omen & Their Luv 
03. Life - Crystal Revelation 
04. My Baby's Got Me - Troy Marrs 
05. Tiger Dance - Bird And The Bees 
06. One Way Ticket - Chris Rayburn 
07. It's So Much The Better - Marian Ruxell 
08. Freedom - Monica 
09. Ladder - Sheephouse 
10. Back To My Lady - Perhaps Next Tide 
11. People In The Night - The Group 
12. It Happened - Paul Martin 
13. Poor Poor Genie - Damon 
14. Girl In The Future - Paul St. James & The Franky's 
15. Rat Race - The Tears 
16. Purple Purple - Spontaneous Generation 
17. The Expectation - Dutch Masters 
18. Temple Of Gold - Samurai 
19. No Time To Turn Me On - Catapult 
The Lesson - The Cords

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Esmenard Victor ha detto...

Non posso aspettare ! Non sapevo che c'era un numero 6 ! Pronto, il link :) !!!!!!

caveman78 ha detto...

Chocoreve ha detto...

Glad to see you back; Thanks for #6 !

Dirk Bill ha detto...

This series is great! Is there a Le Beat Bespoke 1 & 2?

Unknown ha detto...

Can anyone tell me which comp "The girl with the red sunglasses" in on? It might be "The girl with the red frame glasses" or something else like that. Thanks! It's a real catchy tune but I forgot where I heard it.

Best6789 ha detto...

Excellent, great to have you back! Thanks for this....

pogo ha detto...

Last volume was issued by detour and not Circle Rds:


yuri winter roque ha detto...


grandpaterry ha detto...

Thank you

Chocoreve ha detto...

Caveman78 many thanks for your great work !
Do you have Le Beat Bespoke #7 ?
Thanks again your blog is easily the best on the internet !