mercoledì 30 gennaio 2008

Hoosier Hotshots - LP (Epilogue, 1992)

Indiana in the Garage Era
Side 1
1 The XL's - Second Choice
2 The XL's - Mary Jane
3 The Cirkit - Yesterday We Laughed
4 Shooting Stars - I Love Her Anyway
5 The Ferris Wheel - Come Back Baby
6 Sir Winston & The Commons - One Last Chance
7 Teen Tones - Long Cold Winter
8 Blues Inc. - Tell Me Girl

Side 2
1 The Endd - Come On Into My World
2 The Tikis - Careful What You Say
3 Wild Things - I'm Not For You
4 The Cirkit - I Was Wrong
5 The Backdoor Men - Evil
6 The Dukes - Take Your Love
7 Idle Few - Farmer John
8 Mere Image - Get Stoned (Goin' Out Tonight)

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caveman78 ha detto...
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caveman78 ha detto...

Don ha detto...

Thank you very much all of these albums. Haven't had time to listen or download them all yet, but I thought I'd say thank you awhile.

Outer ha detto...

Hi Caveman,
Thanx for all of your compils...
Grazie mille (is that good italian ? The only thing I knew in italian, except "Va f...", is "Forza Ferrari" and you can't live with only that...).
If you have things with italian bands like I Corvi, I think a lot of us will be very happy...


geololo ha detto...

Hi again Caveman,

another reupload request for me today, that's already 4 or 5, sorry about that :0(
But please consider this is just because of the great content of this blog... ;o)