mercoledì 30 gennaio 2008

Relative Distance - LP (Stanton Park, 1993)

A Compilation of New England Garage Bands
Side 1
1 The What - Escape
2 Bobby & The Farraris - In The Morning
3 Buck Rogers Movement - Baby Come On
4 The Mar-Vels - Some One Else
5 The Satan's Breed - Laugh Myself To The Grave
6 Mickey & The Motions - I Do
7 Georgie Porgie - No More School 8
8 The Ascots - Where I'm Goin'

Side 2
1 Groundspeed - In A Dream
2 The Royal Aircoach - Wondering Why
3 The 5: P.M. - How Many Days
4 The Eastern Alliance - Love Fades Away
5 The Instincts - No, No, No
6 Dry Well - Gypsy
7 The Fumin' Humins - Relative Distance

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StevenK ha detto...

Good stuff here, but there's one thing: The music files on this album won't play on Windows Media Player like all your other albums. However, this album does play on Quicktime and on the iTunes player. Thanks again!


Mateus Paul ha detto...
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Exeter ha detto...

Looks like I'm too late for this one!
Could you repost?
Thanks a lot!