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Cicadelic 60's #2-Out Of Order - LP Cicadelic, 1982)

15 Sounds from the Garage Bands of Today
Side 1
1 The Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
2 The Jagged Edge - Midnight To Six Man
3 The Olivers - My Little Red Book
4 The Olivers - I Saw What You Did
5 Swamp Rats - Hey Joe
6 The Brother Love Congregation - Bringing Me Down
7 The Laughing Kind - Empty Heart

Side 2
1 The Rumors - Without Her
2 The Rationals - Feelin' Lost
3 The Tidal Waves - Farmer John
4 The Outside In - You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees
5 The Dovers - I Could Be Happy
6 The Dovers - People Ask Me Why
7 Exchequers - Is There Some Girl
8 The Boss Todes - Sally The Pollywog

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caveman78 ha detto...
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aldo ha detto...

Thanks for this great series, I particularly liked vol.5 with two fab tracks that were covered by the original Chesterfield Kings (see the Heard and the Rogues)
Great stuff by the Lykes of Us on vol.3…among others!
Funny how track 4 by the Innsmen on vol.3 is the same that opens vol.2, …?!

Purtroppo sembra che sto volume e il 4 non si trovino in buono nota che vari pezzi sono piú lenti del dovuto e ci sono varie "stonature"...peccato!
Unfortunately this volume here suffers from very poor sound quality…yeah! Even by 60s garage standards…it seems like the actual vinyl copy is in poor shape…with slowed down parts sounding a bit too out of tune and so on…in fact the other volumes sound much better!
Also track 3 is actually the same as track 4! Certainly an error in transferring it to mp3 format.

I’m just listening to vol.4 and actually it’s the same problem…with “Never Existed” clearly a lot slower …or listen to the organ on “Flash in the pan” for example…right now “Good guys” is playing..sooo sloooow!
I don’t own these records but I would think they sounded better…or maybe not!!!

caveman78 ha detto...

Si Aldo, ho notato pure io questi difetti nei vol 2 e 4 ma purtroppo nn avendo i vinili originali nn posso fare il confronto:( mi spiace. Cmq grazie del fatto ke segui i miei post assiduamente, mi fa molto piacere ke ankora ci sia gente davvero appassionata del genere e questo mi motiva a mandare avanti sto blog ed a cercare altre gemme rare per voi. Salutoni.

caveman78 ha detto...

REPOSTED!!! in a good quality.