domenica 19 aprile 2009

Suburban Life - LP (Fossil, 2008)

Sixteen Sixties US Garage Greats
Side 1
1 The Voxmen - You Tell Me
2 The End Result - Never Ask Again
3 The Vee Jays - Don't Let Me Go
4 Mark Five - Maggie's Farm
5 The Novas - Suburban Life
6 The Tombstones - Tell It To A Tombstone
7 The Stone Cutters - Mister, You're A Better Man Than I
8 Glass Threads - Monday's Fading

Side 2
1 Mark 5 - Determination
2 The Pubs - The Lost Soul
3 The United Notions - Wait Until Tomorrow
4 The Satins - The Lonely One
5 Street Corners - My Generation
6 Georgie Porgie - Hurt
7 Glass Opening - All Those Lies
8 The Rave-Ons - Everybody Tells Me

4 commenti:

caveman78 ha detto...

GaragePunk66 ha detto...

Thanks for the tunes, I have never heard of this one.

aldo ha detto...

FANTASTICA raccolta!
tra l'altro "made in Italy"...
Incredibile che nonostante la miriade di comps dedicate al US Garage da circa 25 anni a sta parte, si sono ancora potuti raccogliere qui dei pezzi stupendi!
infatti, meglio di molte altre comps!
complimenti agli "autori"!

Subcomandante Marcos ha detto...

Looks good, I've never heard/seen this compilation either. Look forward to d/l it when I'm at my home PC.