lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

I Was A Teenage Caveman - LP (Teenage Caveman, ?)

Raw Savage Sixties Punk
Side 1
1 The Grains Of Sand - Goin' Away, Baby
2 The Gents - If You Don't Come Back
3 The Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl
4 The Fallen Angels - Bad Woman
5 The Emperors - I Want My Woman
6 The Esquires - Judgement Day
7 The Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall
8 The Haunted - Eight O'Clock This Morning
9 Cobras - I Wanna Be Your Love

Side 2
1 The Gentlemen - It's A Cry'n Shame
2 The Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
3 Thee Sixpence - My Flash On You
4 The Beachnuts - My Iconoclastic Life
5 The Hysterics - Won't Get Far
6 The Reasons Why - Don't Be That Way
7 Things To Come - Sweetgina
8 The Split Ends - Rich With Nothin'
9 The Tropics - You Better Move

5 commenti:

caveman78 ha detto...

Exeter ha detto...

Great comp!
Thanks a lot!

hotrodmike ha detto...

Thanks for this great comp.I lost the copy I had and it's good to hear it again.

grantwe ha detto...

love that garage, thanks a lot

jonas brasset ha detto...

caveman do you have an other link for this one?