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Teenage Shutdown #5-Nobody To Love - CD (Teenage Shutdown, 1998)

Mid-60s Teen Folkpunk: 18 Tales of Tension & Trauma
1 The Intruders - Now That You Know (Pittsfield, IL, U.S.A.)
2 The Illusions - Wait Till The Summer (St. Clair Shores, MI, U.S.A.)
3 The Shan Dels - Shades Of Blue (Levittown, NY, U.S.A.)
4 The Paradox - There's A Flower Shop (FL, U.S.A.)
5 The Lovin' Kind - I'm Free (Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.)
6 Mike's Messengers - Cause Of All Man-kind (Quantico, MD, U.S.A.)
7 Sonics Inc. - Nobody To Love (U.S.A.)
8 The Answers - Fool Turn Around (San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A.)
9 The Jades - Surface World (Sparta, MI, U.S.A.)
10 The Twilights - It Couldn't Be True (San Jose, CA, U.S.A.)
11 The Viscount V - She Doesn't Know (Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.)
12 The Paragons - Abba (Charlotte, NC, U.S.A.)
13 The Sounds Like Us - Outside Chance (Duluth, MN, U.S.A.)
14 The Rogues - You Better Look Now (Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.)
15 The Go-Betweens - Have You For My Own (Queens, NY, U.S.A.)
16 The Answers - Please Please Go Away (San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A.)
17 The Plagues - (Clouds Send Down) Tears From My Eyes (Lansing, MI, U.S.A.)
18 The Lovin' Kind - Can't Explain (Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.)

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