lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Zulu Stomp!! South Africa Garage Beats!! - LP (No Smoke, 2010)

South Africa Garage Beats!
Side 1
1 The A-Cads - Watch Your Step (Johannesburg, South Africa)
2 The Upsetters - Daddy Rolling Stone (South Africa)
3 Freedom's Children - Satisfaction (Durban, South Africa)
4 John E. Sharpe & The Squires - LSD (Johannesburg, South Africa)
5 Ronnie Singer - I Want You (South Africa)
6 Bill Kimber & The Couriers - Come On, Come On, Come On (U.K.)
7 The Bats - Get Your Baggies On (Cape Town, South Africa)
8 The Invaders - Thinking About You Girl (Uitenhage, South Africa)
9 The Hoochie Coochies - I'm A Boy (South Africa)

Side 2
1 The A-Cads - Roadrunner (Johannesburg, South Africa)
2 The 004's - I've Got News For You (South Africa)
3 John E. Sharpe & The Squires - Walking The Dog (Johannesburg, South Africa)
4 The Zeroes - Work All Day (Sleep All Night) (South Africa)
5 Johnny Kongos & The G-Men - 900 Miles (Johannesburg, South Africa)
6 The Navarones - Blue Blue Feeling (Johannesburg, South Africa)
7 The Kynd - Hideaway (South Africa)
8 Hank Squires - Sick And Tired (South Africa)
9 Finders Keepers - Man Of The Sea (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Thank you very much. I own & love the Cazumba comps, but this one is new to me - looking forward to exploring!

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Thanks again!!

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Hi Caveman,

Can you make a new link per favore !

Grazie mille !