giovedì 19 giugno 2014

300 Spins! (Blurpnoll)

01-3's a Crowd - Making Do (Ro-Do) 
02-49th Parallel - You Do Things (RCA) 
03-The Buckinghams - I Been Going Crazy (Prism) 
04-The Buffaloes - She Wants Me (GMC) 
05-Citations Combo - Chartreuse (Rome) 
06-Clear Light - Black Roses (Elektra)
07-David Clayton Thomas - brain washed (Tower) 
08-The Dovers - i could be happy (Reprise) 
09-Jean Dinning - My Boy Friend (Cha Cha) 
10-The Kavaliers - If You Loved Her (Morgan) 
11-Keepers of The Light - My Babe (Steed) 
12-Magical Soul - Rowkerr's Bakery (Right Now!)
13-The Mod VI - It's Not The Same (Poe) 
14-The Mod VI - Long Tall Sally (Poe) 
15-Morgan Twins - TV Hop (RCA) 
16-New Dawn - Listen To The Music (RCA) 
17-Professor Morrison's Lollipop - You Got The Love (White Whale) 
18-The Rhythm Royals - Out Of My Mind (Test) 5$ 
19-The Rock a Billys - You Can't Build Love (D&C)  
20-Silk'n'Sand - The Doors Opened Last Night (Epic) 
21-The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine (Hickory)  
22-The Spats - Bottom Of It All (Jano) 
23-Springwell - Let It Show (Parrot) 
24-The Telstars - With My Girl (NET - Italy)  
25-The Vycounts - Can't you Tell (Universal Artists Records) 
26-The Vycounts - I Need You Tonight (Universal Artists Records) 

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