giovedì 19 giugno 2014

MInds On Fire (Blurpnoll)

01. The Chance "The Time Traveler" (Change 670) 
02. The Balladeers "Words I Want To Hear" (Cori 31001) 
03. The Preachers "Inspiration" (Righteous Enterprises 1001) 
04. The Executioners "The Noose" (Action 500) 
05. The Roman Empire "Mind On Fire" (Dynamic 109) 
06. Catamorands ”Never Say Goodbye" (D.G.M.R. 101) 
07. The Counts "Sittin Here Wondering" (Key 15132) 
08. Bits'n'Pieces "Look Out Linda" (Antler 2005) 
09. The Fabulous Wunz "If I Try" (Pyramid 6-6934) 
10. The New Era "We Ain't Got Time" (Great Lakes 2532) 
11. The “Yes It Is” "Walking The Dog" (Studio City 1046) 
12. Ago-gos "Pancho's Villa" (Pee Vee 2000) 
13. The Gents "You Make Me Blue" (Vestal 1910) 
14. Dick Curtis "It's Not The Same" (Colortronics 5202) 
15. The Capricios "Tink" (Inn-Timate 101) 
16. The Counts "All Night" (Key 15132) 
17. D-Y and The Motivators "Soft Wind" (LinJo 109) 
18. The Ravers "I'm Alive" (Variety 10079 - ITA) 
19. Larry Roquemore "What Made Me Lose My Head" (Tiris 607) 
20. Barry Carlos and Nightcaps "Are You Running Away" (Amber 3537) 
21. The Gents "Breezy" (Vestal 1910) 
22. Caesar and The Romans "When Will I Get Over You" (Scepter 12237) 
23. The Ravers "Wooly Bully" (Variety 10079 - ITA) 
24. The Countdown Five "Shaka Shaka Na Na" (Saint Martin 1047 - ITA) 
25. The Alliance "I'll Be Kind" (Critique 1074) 
26. The Blacksheep "Arthur" (Vision 464-441) 
27. The Next Of Kin "A Lovely Song" (United Audio 80136) 
28. The Power Of Beckett "Back To Me" (Quality 1895X) 

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Like it too much!

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Thank you so much my friend.

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You keep on surprising me Caveman: knight of the forgotten sixties.

Wayman52 ha detto...

Thank you again very much Caveman78: Knight of the forgotten sixties.

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Thank you for the great music