sabato 28 luglio 2018

A Real Cool Time - LP (Amigo, 1985)

Side 1
The Nomads - Real Cool Time (Solna, Sweden) 
Wilmer X - Motorbike Drivin' (Malmo, Sweden)
Dr. Yogami - Nightmare Birds (Angelholm, Sweden) 
The Creeps - You're Gonna Need My Lovin' (Almhult, Sweden) 
Hidden Charms - Please Give Me Something (Malmo, Sweden) 
The Wayward Souls - Inside Your Mind (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Occasional Dead Flys - Dirt (Sweden) 

Side 2
The Bottle Ups - Bottle Beat (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Watermelon Men - Back In My Dreams (Uppsala, Sweden) 
Slobster - Sudden Death (Helsingborg, Sweden) 
Problem - Higher Ground (Malmo, Sweden) 
The Shoutless - Change My Ways (Solna, Sweden) 
The Preachers - Thirtynine Steps (Uppsala, Sweden)
The Pyromaniacs - 96 Bye-Byes (Solna, Sweden) 

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