sabato 28 luglio 2018

Weird Out! - LP (Misty Lane, 1994)

Swedish Garage Scene 1986-1992 !
Side 1
The Livingstones - P-1800 (Stockholm, Sweden) 
The Livingstones - Fun In The Sun (Stockholm, Sweden) 
The Livingstones - Your Body Not Your Soul (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Blindshag - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Blindshag - Spread Your Legs (Stockholm, Sweden) 
The Mongrels - Gone & Left Me (Sweden) 
The Mongrels - Too Much (Sweden) 
The Stomachmouths - Ugly Me (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Side 2
The Stomachmouths - Girl Now! (Stockholm, Sweden) 
The Highspeed V - You Treat Me Bad (Vallingby, Sweden) 
The Highspeed V - Stars Will Start To Shine (Vallingby, Sweden) 
The Crimson Shadows - Gonna Make You Mine (Stockholm, Sweden)
The Crimson Shadows - I Want You To Leave Me (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Four Sure - What I Got (Sweden) 
The Cliffhangers - Trouble (Sweden) 
The Cliffhangers - Get The Picture (Sweden) 

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