sabato 28 luglio 2018

Eighties Colours #1 - LP (Electric Eye, 1984)

Side 1
The Sick Rose - Do You Live In A Jail (Turin, Italy) 
The Party Kidz - Nothin' Changes (Turin, Italy) 
Out Of Time - Have You Seen The Light Tonight (Bra, Italy) 
No Strange - The New World (Turin, Italy) 
The Double Deck Five - Do You Like What You See (Italy) 

Side 2
The Technicolour Dream - Vinyl Solution (Rome, Italy) 
The Birdmen Of Alkatraz - Song For The Convict Charlie (Pisa, Italy) 
Four By Art - I'm Having Fun (Milan, Italy) 
Pression X - I Failed To Fall (Milan, Italy) 
The Paul Chain Violet Theatre - Luxury (Italy) 

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