sabato 11 agosto 2018

Teen Trash #4 - The Fuzztones LP (Music Maniac, 1993)

The Fuzztones
A1 Nine Months Later
A2 Girl You Captivate Me
A3 Cheyenne Rider
A4 Greatest Lover In The World
A5 I Can't Control Myself
A6 You Must Be A Witch
B1 Jack The Ripper
B2 Action Speaks Louder Than Words
B3 I Never Knew
B4 Yeah Babe
B5 My Nothing
B6 Romilar D

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Peter Hiess ha detto...


George Simmonds ha detto...

Is there a link to download this album?

caveman78 ha detto...


George Simmonds ha detto...

molte grazie!!!!

secxevic pusken alexsander ha detto...


secxevic pusken alexsander ha detto...

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