mercoledì 1 agosto 2018

Time To Time - LP (Teen Sound, 1999)

It's the New International Beat that's Rockin' the World!
Side 1
Rudi & The Others - No Reason To Complain (Italy) 
Bang! - Straight Shooten (Paris, France) 
The Hipsters - Time To Time (Italy) 
The Frantic V - Feeling Sad (Thessalonica, Greece) 
Les Incapables - Vivre Avec Toi! (Montreal, Canada) 
The Maggots - Goodbye Sunshine (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Fase 4 - I Try (Livorno, Italy) 
The Cardinals - (Girl) I Know That I Can (Athens, Greece) 
Tony Borlotti E I Soui Flauers - Non Vivo Per Te (Salerno, Italy) 

Side 2
The Mystery Action - Bird Rockers (Seattle, WA, U.S.A.) 
The Satelliters - Don't Go Back (Darmstadt, Germany) 
The Rookies - I'm The Kind (Piacenza, Italy) 
The Girl Bombs - Been And Gone (Toronto, Canada) 
The Shadows Of Reflection - Now That You Know (Pisticci, Italy)
The Sleepwalkers - Elizabeth (Cagliari, Italy) 
The Movin' Flames - Morning (France) 
The Rising Few - By My Side (Italy) 
The Hunchbacked Men - Hunchy Stomp (Bari, Italy) 
10 The Sick Rose - Time Won't Let Me (Turin, Italy) 

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