mercoledì 1 agosto 2018

Transworld Garage Scene #1 - LP (Misty Lane, 1995)

Side 1
The Thanes - I Would Love You (Edinburgh, U.K.) 
The Others - Love & Care (Rome, Italy) 
The 1-2-5 - Daddy Died On Saturday (Gouda, Holland)
The No-Counts - The Suffering Kind (Berlin, Germany) 
The Smooty Filth - Angry, Grumpy (Rennes, France) 
The Kartoons - Girl (Cosenza, Italy) 
The Flashback V - You're The Victor (Barcelona, Spain) 
The Mystreated - Tyme Is Passing (Folkestone, U.K.) 

Side 2
The Nuthins - Sick And Tired (Salisbury, U.K.) 
Doctor Explosion - Vivir Sinti (Gijon, Spain) 
The Frantic V - She's Cool (Thessalonica, Greece) 
The Perverts - I'm In Love With The Headcoat Girl (Rotterdam, Holland) 
The Walking Screams - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! (Athens, Greece) 
The Humpbacked Men - Emy (Bari, Italy)

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