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Fuzzface Vol. 10 - Garage Internacional 2008-2010 (Private serie)

Garage Internacional 2008-2010
 CD 1
 Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - La Panthere Pop
Las Aspiradoras - Ni Rastro De Polvo
The Staggers - Go Go Gorilla
The Satelliters - Lost In Time
Mark & The Spies - Find Yourself Away 
Magic Dildoss - Hey!
The B-Sides - Don't You Dare
The Types - Vodka
Los Carnivoros - Betty Luisa
The Cavestompers - Limousine
The Cosh Boys - Skyline
Doctor Explosion - Chesterfield Childish Club
Los Explosivos - Hey Monstruo
The Phantom Jets - Thee Action's Gone
THe Fleshtones - Christmas With Bazooka Joe
The Barbacans - Cut Your Dog
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary
The Garage Gods - Had Enough Of Your Lies
I Ganzi - Il Nuovo Beat
Los Justicieros - La Marca Del Vampiro
THe Last Killers - Flesh And Proud
Les Klepstones - Play Your Game
Lana Loveland - Black Glove
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

CD 2
Flight Reaction - A Broken Heart
The X-Ray Harpoons - Phantom On My Mind
The Morlock - You Burn Me Out
The Moving Sounds - Down On My Knees
Thee Vicars - Can't See Me
Os Haxixins - Depois Um LSD
The Meanie Geanies - No More
Persian Rugs - What's A Girl Supossed To Do
Los Peyotes - Maquilla Tu Mente
The Phantom Keys - Shut Up Johnny
Les Pick Ups - Drugs
The Cynics - Zombie Walk
The Moonstones - Te Morderé
The Basements - Heart Of Stone
The She-Creatures - Radar
Els Trons - Felic Sense Tu
The Mean Things - I've Been Fooled
The Ugly Beats - Throw Me A Line
The Mourning After - Once Over Twice
Comfuzztible - Comanche
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

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