giovedì 20 settembre 2018

Fuzzface Vol.9 - Revival Garage Internacional #4

Revival Garage Internacional #4
 Las Membranas - Lloraré
Lust-O-Rama - Can't Do Another Mistake
Ray Daytona - Hole In The Ground
Ug & The Cavemen - I'm Evil
Tuna Tacos - I Don't Believe It
The Fuzztones - The People In Me
The Satelliters - It Came To Me
The Fumestones - Ahora Soy Un Cerdo Por Tu Amor
Muck & The Mires - I'm Down With That
The Deferctors - The Zoom Out
The Thanes - I'll Find Out
The Nuthins - Hang 9
Love Delegation - Throught The Night
Los Peyotes - Te Pegaré
Slow Slushy Boys - Boogaloo Down Broadway
THe Chesterfields Kings - She Told Me Lies
The Lyres - Nobody But Me
The 14th Wray - Your Face Is In My Mind
Gli Sciacalli - Mai

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