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Fuzzface Vol.8 - Zairas Knights Of Fuzzface (Box Set)

 Zairas Knights Of Fuzzface

CD 1
The Playboys - They Can't Hurt Me
The Stems - Tears Me In Two
The Mystyc Eyes - My Time To Leave
The Chessmen - Hell Go Away
Lust-O-Rama - Baby Baby
The Bo-Weevils - Have You Been To Mars
The Brood - Writin' On The Wall
Capt. Future & The Zapguns - King Of The Orient
The Chesterfield Kings - Baby Doll
The Linkes - Suzy
The Lyres - Help You Ann
The Cynics - I Don't Need You
The Indikation - Yes I Do
Unclaimed - Disposition Central
The Cutbacks - Too Much Baby
The Staggers - Little Boy Blue
The Cosmic Dropouts - Land Of My Dreams
The Bogeyman - Break Away
The Creeps - Down At The Nightclub
The Crimson Shadows - The Vampire
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

CD 2
The Backdoor Men - Out Of My Mind
The 1-2-5 - Hard To Find
The 99Th Floor - Never More
The yard Trauma - Little Girl Who Left
The Projectiles - Heart Full Of Rain
The Nomads - She Pays The Rent 
The Headless Horsemen - Gotta Be Cool
The Eliment - Tell Me
Baby Woodrose - Hippie Chick
The Fuzztones - Heathen Set
Thee Hangee V - It's Not Time
The Shake - Can't Fight Your Lovin
The Outta Place - They Prefer Blondes
Macchina Del Tempo - Non Ti Votero' Mai
The Offhooks - I Can Take It
The Riots - Tell Me Tonight
The Primates - The Creep
The GRavedigger V - Do Like Me
The Queen Hornets - Peepin' Tom
The Gruesomes - Cave-in!
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

CD 3
The Hoods - Never Got Thru
The Ramblers - Here I Go
Doctor Explosion - Ella No Eres Tu
Shutdown 66 - Gone For Bad
1313 Mockingbird Lane - Spider And The Fly
The Rapiers - A Certain Girl
Pression X - I Can't Keep On Crying
Gli Avvoltoi - La Follia
The Yesterday Thoughts - Yesterday's Thoughts
The Ace-Tones - You're Not Good
Booster Valves - Hot Plate
The Cannibals - The Submarine Song
The Defectors - It's Gonna Take Some Time
Mangazoides - El Espectro
The Falling Spikes - Don't Crowd Me
Tony Borlotti E L Suoio Flauers - Il Mondo E'strano
The Graves - Day Dream Lover
The Mystreated - Angel Of Light
The Insomniacs - Maryanne Lightly
The Mummies - The House On The Hill
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

CD 4
The Fiends - She Looks Outa Sight
The Woggles - It's My Life
The Jaybirds - I'm Lover Not A Fighter
The Kaisers - What You Wanna Say
The Launderettes - Too Late To Say You're Sorry
The Maggots - Wah A Girl Can't Do
The Nuthins - Allergic Kiss
The Ultra 5 - It's A Long Way Home!
The Fleshtones - American Beat 84
The Ugly Beats - I'll Walk Away
The Vipers -  We're Outta Here
The Kliek - Sandra 
The Walking Screams - I Tell No Lies 
The Stomachmouths - I Leave
Agentes Secretos - Un Dia Malo
Teddy Boys From The Crypt - Left Far Behind
The Way Outs - Can't Take No More
The Bobby Traps - Shoulda Known Better
Marry Me Mary - Lunatic
THe Vice Barons - Street Action
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
CD 5
The Delmonas - Chains 
The Evil Thingles -  Enough Of Your Lies
The Feends - No More
Get Lost - Mdmation
The Headcoatees - Mess Of Potagge
The Kartoons - L'inferno E Qui
The Last Drive - Every Night
The Margin OF Sanity - Get Yourself Round Here
The Nocounts - Blown Away
The Optic Nerve - Ain't That A Man
The Sherlocks - One Black Sheep
The Lost Marbles - It's A Gasout
The Pandoras - I Didn't Cry
The Reaction - Make Up Your Mind
The Satans - Love Seems Doomed
The Tell-Tale Hearts - I Get Up In The Morning
The Unclaimed - The Sorrow
The Vindicators - Searching For My Baby
Les Soucoupes Violentes - Dans Ta Bouche
Los Imposibles - Baby Elephant Walk
Bonus Track
Bonus Track

CD 6
Running Stream - Enough
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - Girl, Coge Mi Cosa
The Skeletons - Sour Snow
The Bristols - True True Lovin'
 Sheetah & Les Weissmuller - Chien M Chant
The Moving Sound - All Good Things
Zebra Stripes - Hurtin' Kind
Frantic Five - Liar Liar
Thee Gloomies - Hang Up
The Highspeed V - I Don't Mind
The Kwyet King - Don't Doubt My Love
The Lords Of Altamont - Time
The Midways - Got No Right
The Nuggets - Run For Your Live
The Others - Won't Lose Your Love
Pikes In Panik - Summer Girl
The Real Pills - Redemption
The Satelliters - It's Not True
Plan 9 - I'm Not There
The Ghastly One - Full Thottle, Empty Bottle
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
CD 7
The Untold Fable - Wendylyn
The What For - Rotkarierte Petersilie
Cornflake Zoo - I See You
The Electric Shields - Cry Baby Cry
Double Naught Spies - 2-Timin' Baby
The Giant Robots - Bye Bye Baby
The Godzillas - Maybe
The Hoodwinks - Hurtin' Inside
Love Delegation - I've Been Around
The Miracle Workers - Inside Out
Kek' 66 - Prision Cell
The Otherside - The Haunted House
Monks - Hang Up
Roadrunners - Payback Time
Sex Museum - Independence
The Thanes - Gone Away Girl
The Uptight - Fun Gotta Get Some
The Woody Peakers - She's Going On
The Crawdaddys - Oh Baby Doll
Fuad & The Feztones - Allah Mode
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
CD 8
Down'n'Outs - Yeah
The Fumestones - You're On My Mind
The Grains - Heart Full Of Rain
The Hunchmen - Like No Other Man
Mondo Topless - Amazon Queen
The Preachers - Little Red Book
Smooth Filty - Everybody
Dee Rangers - Those Days Are Gone
The Trapmen - Groove
The Worst - Afraid The Dark
The Dukes - She'll Be Mine
The Green Hornets - MAke Me Wanna Die
The Primeteens - Lil' Boy Blue
The Sick Rose - 99Th Floor
The Wylde Mammoths - Help That Girl
The Green Telescope - Thinkin' About Today
Los Peyotes - El Humo Te Hace Mal
The Puritans -Gray Clouds
Los Shambles - Nadie Te Quiere Ya
The Sound Explosion - The Greek
Bonus Track
Bonus Track
CD 9
Los Macana - Radio Go
The Fuzztones - Action Speaks Louder Than Words
The Pandoras - You're All Talk
The Creeps - She's Gone
The Cynics - Creepin'
The Gravedigger V - The Ugly Child
The Miracle Workers - Love Has No Time
The Primates - I Go Ape
The Furtivos - No Puedo Aguantar Mas
Sex Museum - You
The Frantic Five - Good Lovin'
The Thanes - Now It's Yout Turn To Cry
The Tell-Tale Hearts - No Surprise
The Wylde Mammoths - Things That Matter
The Outta Place- Don't Crowd Me
The Brood - Party Crashin'
The Maggots - Uh Uh The Bigger The Better
The Linkers - Way It's Gonna Be
The Neanderthals - Lil' Xke
Surfin' Lungs - Munsters Theme

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